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    Recognition method of bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard

    1. Soak in water: A good bamboo fiber wallboard has a density of about 0.9 and a water density of 1. Soak the plank in water and fill the hole in the middle with water. The new material floats slowly or suspended in the water; the board with the recycled material will float up or sink slowly in the water. The faster the floating speed, the smaller the density of the veneer and the larger the thermal expansion coefficient. Subsidence indicates that the content of calcium powder is high; the full return material board will float or sink quickly.

    2. Look at the wall thickness: Generally speaking, the thickness of the front wall of the bamboo fiber board is slightly thicker than the thickness of the back wall, because the front of the board has high requirements for impact resistance, but the thickness on both sides is the same, otherwise the strength area will be uneven and uneven The thickness will also cause the coefficient of thermal expansion to be unstable. Qualified plates are generally unable to judge the uniformity of thickness with the naked eye.

    3. Burn with fire: the brand-new bamboo fiberboard will show black and yellow color after burning. The burnt board has a soft pressing edge, and the feel is the same as plastic softening; mixed and regrind: compared with the same method, it feels slightly worse than the new material; fully recycled material: burnt black will appear after a large fire, and it will be thick. Smoke and very pungent smell.

    4. Look at the color: The surface of the bamboo fiberboard made of new materials is milky white with a certain luster. Generally, the service life is more than 10 years; the mixture will vary according to the ratio of the mixture. For the color between milky white and brown, the greater the ratio of regrind, the darker the color. Some unscrupulous manufacturers will add dyes or a large amount of calcium powder to the raw materials. Such a board will also show an unusually strong brown or white, and the service life is generally within 5 years; completely reground: generally dark brown or green, and normal quality problems of varying degrees will occur within 3 months. Many people think that the fiber of bamboo should be woody or the color of bamboo, as the name suggests. This is purely for the blind to guide the blind. If brand new materials are used, there is no need to add dyes, so that consumers cannot distinguish the quality of the product. These products and actions are purely misleading consumers.

    5. Add a point. It is unreliable to judge the quality of bamboo fiber wallboard by looking at the finish of the cut surface: If you use sawtooth cutting chips, the cutting will be very rough; if you use a grinding wheel, the cutting will be very smooth, which is not the product's identification or quality standard.

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