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    Product description
    PVC plastic gravure printing ink is volatilize drying ink and is suitable for hard PVC film rotogravure printing, the machines can be in high-speed.
    medium-speed and low-speed, both table printing and inner printing will reach ideal printing results.

    Printing Substrate
    Hard PVC wall panel、PVC door、PVC edge banding and PVC leather. raincoat. PVC table cloth and normal PVC film etc.
    Product function
    1. The product have excellent waterproof, freezing &weather resistance.
    2. Excellent adhesion, crocking resistance and slipperiness,good solvent release.and excellent printing performance.
    3. Colorful ink. good dot reproduction.excellent heat resistance.
    4. This product can be used to transfer PET /OPP to PVC.and can be regard as transfer printing ink.

    Package and storage
    Special for export : 1. Open steel pail 20L 2. Hard Plastic drum 25LStoring in a cool and dry place.be sure to stir well before using.
    Safety and Storage
    Our products can't mixed use with other model ink to avoid affect the printing quality.When prolonged using on a less ink consumption printing plate,we advise to use slow-drying thinner to avoid the printing failure, such as increasing of viscosity, blocking plate and decreasing of color and so on. This product is valid for one year,  if it has not deteriorated after one year, then you can continue normally use.
    We are unable to control every customer's usage and processing craft, so we are irresponsible for the risk which is led by special usage.please check this specitication carefully .