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    Solvent-based PVC wallpaper ink

    Product description
    The ink is special for soft PVC wallpaper, it has excellent printing effect. Importantly, this ink is suitable forlow speed and high speed gravure printing machines.
    Printing substrate
    1. PVC adhesive sticker wallpaper, wood grain wallpaper and printing paste etc.
    2. Soft PVC adhesive plaster, rain cloth, tablecloth and shower cap etc.

    Product function
    1. Excellent adhesive force, heat resistance.withstand voltage, pick resistance and foamability.
    2. The ink has high flexibility, low odor, low solvent residual, fast drying, and excellent printing performance.
    3. The ink's weather fastness, heavy metal content are passed ISO quality certification system.using after testing.

    Safety and Storage
    Because the soft PVC film can easily produce superfluous plasticizer on the film' s surface, and directly affect the adhesive force and withstand voltage of the ink, so when printing on soft PVC materials, users must make clearly the performance of the materials, and use the printing inkafter testing.
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