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    ZXA-53 Surface printing ink

    Product description
    ZXA-53 Surface Printing Ink is in high quality and suitable for the majority of printing subatrates. this ink is  genaral type of surface printing.
    In order to extend the usage scope, users can add some special printing auxiliaries to reinforce the ink's performance.
    Printing Substrate
    1. LDPE HDPE OPP  CPP≥38 dyne.
    2. PET  NY PVC soft film etc.
    The surface printing ink can print these substrate directly without other processing and will get an excellent adhesion.
    3. Aluminum laminated films (PET, OPP &PE) ,pearl film.

    Product function
    1. ZAX-53 surface printing ink is advanced soluble-benzene polyamide ink, the solvent is the mixture of benzane and alcohol ester. The ink own excellent reproducibility and resolubility, can get a delicate printing effect. According to different drying situation, the solvent residual quantity always remain below 5mg/m3 .
    2. ZAX-53 surface printing ink don't contain heavy metal and plasticizer.
    3. The ink isn't affected by slip agent, and in a good dissolve effect.
    4. With using the ink the PVCIPET film will water prooting. freeze-resistant,and scratch-resistant.

    Printing viscosity and specifications
    Depend on the depth of template and printing speed.
    White ink: 20Kg/drum 16-18 seconds 3#/25℃
    Color ink: 18Kg/drum16-20 seconds 3# /25℃
    Store in a cool and dry place, please shaking before using.

    Safety and Storage
    Because of the resin's characteristic, the ink is in a plastic frozen states, this is normal phenomenon, and will rehabilitate in normal temperature and don't affect the ink's quality. Our Ink isn't recommend to use the same package with the oil.

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